About Kristin

Kristin's kids. LOVE!Aloha! I am Kristin Mills and I am a lifestyle photographer on Maui, with a true love for photographing people.


Here’s a bit about me… I write all of this, because it’s nice to know the person who is taking your pictures, which makes it easier to relax. 🙂

I was always taught when I was young that if I don’t ask, the answer is already “no”. So I have always learned a “go for it” outlook in life. I live in the moment and if I want to do something I just do it. This has helped me to do a lot of different things in life.


KristinI believe fully that this is our one life as us and this life goes fast. So live it to it’s fullest and be genuinely you [and take a lot of pictures!].
I am a total goof-ball and will be the first to totally laugh at myself when I do something embarrassing. But inside I am a bit on the shy side. I don’t believe in the phrases “I can’t” or “I should”. I like math and science. I use exclamation points and smiley faces when I type way too much!!!

When I was young, I loved to talk to old people and learn from them. Now that I am middle aged, I love to talk to young people and learn from them. While I can be competitive in sports, I’m not competitive in life. I will help anyone in anyway I can. I tell people I love them as often as possible.
My main goal in life is to love, be happy, and have no regrets when I am old.


Fifteen years ago, I moved to Maui on a whim and I’m still here. Both of my kids were born on Maui and they are now ten and five. I love being in nature and Maui is a great place to be outdoors. Although I do miss the mountains and the snow.

So this is a bit about me.


Now a bit about my photography…

I love photographing people! I love photographing children, especially when they are just playing and having fun. I also love capturing fun and fresh (and sexy) photographs of people in general (wedding, engagement or honeymoon, lifestyle and maternity)! Ultimately, I aim to capture the fun aspects of any moment that show you simply being you!

I have always had an eye for composition and capturing the moment. Although on occasion, I will simply act fast and capture the essence of the moment, even if not “correct” in terms of photography rules. These images are usually my favorites! I used to photograph professionally and have recently taken a step back and now shoot purely for fun 🙂

If you like my images, please take a moment to send me a note to say “hi” on my contact page.

Much love and aloha, Kristin Mills